Artopaea builds fine artwork frames. While most frames are built using pre-fabricated moulding, chopped and assembled into uninspired frames -- like everyone else's -- our frames use handpicked hardwoods, fine cabinet joints and hand-applied finishes. The frames embellish and enhance the artwork, and are built to last 100+ years.

Corner Joints Make the Difference

An art frame is essentially a two-dimensional box to put around a picture. But nothing is that simple. The objective of a frame is to bring focus to the art being presented. Frames are part of the artwork. A well-considered frame will add life to your art. How the frame is put together, i.e the corner joints, is fundamental to the look of frame, not necessaily to its strength. Framing shops chop moulding at 45 degree angles for virtually all of their product. While such frames are clearly part of our repertoire, what sets Artopaea apart are the additional corner joints that we use:

  •   Open Mortise
  •   Slap
  •   Floating Frame

Quality Hardwoods

I love wood. The smell, the tactile feel, the look. Plain or highly figured, domestic or exotic. It is all great. The wood we use is hand selected and typically minimally treated to let the beauty of the wood stand out, within the context of the art, of course. Did I say I love wood?

  •   Vast selection of quality, handpicked hardwood and softwood
  •   Plain or extraordinary
  •   Choice of finishes and/or stains


Accents add flourish to the frame. Beads in the middle provide visual interest, bevels on the sides soften the edges. Traditional moulding is essentially an accent.

  •   Bevel
  •   Dowel
  •   Bead
  •   Custom moulding

Customer Service

  •   Build-to-order and to your specifications
  •   We cut glass and matting
  •   Quick delivery times
  •   Price competitive -- not everything hand crafted needs to be expensive
  •   Based in Ottawa, Canada we ship worldwide