Make Your Artwork Stand Out

Frames are a fundamental aspect of your artwork. Some art has no frame. Floating frames take a minimalist approach. Other frames become part of the art itself -- frames as art. We build frames that will make your artwork pop.

Floating Frame
Sleek frame brings focus to the artwork

A floating frame gives the impression that the artwork is floating on the wall. It is a very sleek, crisp, unbtrusive, modern-looking design. The frame material can be totally unobtrussive, such as stained maple, or a lightly figured hardwood, such as the okoume you see here.

45-degree Mitre
Standard frame joint

A 45-degree mitre is the typical frame joint, where the wood butts each corner at 45 degrees. Totally utilitarian and easy to construct, it is the workhorse joint for the vast majority of frames you see. Edges can be crisp or soft, or tapered from the top or bottom. The wood can be spectacular or subtle, depending on the overall look you are trying to achieve. Here we have some exceptional birds-eye maple.

Lap Joint
Robust cabinet joint

A lap joint joins the corners with overlapping ends, creating a box look. It is very robust and has a heavier look. Dowels are added here for aesthetics, not to strengthen the joint. The frame here is made of purpleheart.

Open Mortise
Classic arts and crafts joint

Like the lap joint, the open mortise is an exceptionally strong cabinet joint. In a frame, it has an arts and crafts look, as if it belongs in another time and place. The effect can be enhanced by using different colored woods for the top and sides, as in the photo on the main page where we used lignum vitae and purpleheart. The frame here is made from some beautiful American walnut.

Marlin Thermocouple Wire

Made to Your Specifications
We build custom frames from beautiful wood

Clearly, if you have any framing needs, we can help. Hopefully, you can appreciate we are particularly suited to create something unique. Our frames will add panache to your artwork beyond what you would get from a typical framing shop.